Choosing Christmas Trees: Artificial or Live

Christmas Tree: Do you like artificial or live

Christmas season is coming.

A Christmas tree is a symbol of happiness for both a city and a family. On November, 30, people are crowded in Capitol building in Madison, looking forward to the city Christmas tree lighting ceremony (Please follow the link to see my Youtube video story). This year’s Chrismas tree is a forty-foot Wisconsin-grown Balsam fir, a real tree that has been living 45 years on earth. The green leves and colorful ornaments made by school children make Capitol Christmas tree look gogeous and grab lots of people’s eyeballs. When people raise their head and appreciate the beauty of the trees, it is the ever-green symbol of this elder live tree that draw most of the people’s attention. But when you ask people what kind of trees you would choose as your family Chrismas trees, the answers are various: Some prefer artificial trees, while others prefer live trees.

Both sides have their own reasons: people who prefer artificial trees says, artificial trees are cheaper, greener and last longer; people who prefer real trees says, real trees  are safer, greener, and recyclable.

From the enviromental perspective, the debate about which kind of trees is greener is a long-time argument. Artificial trees can be reused for many years, but the polyvinyl chloride–a kind of chemical material that is used to make artificial trees are non-renewable and can result in the emission of carcinogens, which is polluting and unhealthy if people breathe them.  While for the real ones, many people think chopping down trees is a behavior that destroys enviroment and thus not as green as artificial ones. However, tree growers in Madison told us that, on the contrary, purchase of Christmas trees stimulate the crop of Christmas trees. It is because there are many people buying Christmas trees that tree growers would plant so many trees. And large acres of trees also play an important role of cleaning air and beautifying enviroment. Also, people who carry real trees to home could also enjoy cleaner and healther air that is brought by trees. Thus, from this point, real trees could be greener than artificial ones.

This year’s drought condition has brought a great impact on Christmas trees. Many young seedlings are destroyed, but many tree farmers still keep mature trees, thus the tree market won’t be influenced this year. Sun Pairie tree farm worker Kyle Marks says, drought doesnot influence this years’ tree harvest, and there are still many people coming to the tree farms to chop down trees, “because it could last longer,” he said, especially Balsam fir.

Choosing aritificial trees or live trees? It looks that each choice has its own advantages, but no matter what choice you make, ever-green symbol is an ever-lasting thing that everyone brings to home.


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